Wishlist: ‘Burberry’ For Every Occasion


Burberry Fall Winter 2013

From left Sartorial Leather Briefcase ($1275) Buffalo Leather Chelsea Boots ($675) Check Cotton Leather Trainers ($325) Leather Touch Screen Gloves ($425)


Burberry is definitely on my holiday wish list this year. head designer Christopher Bailey has consistently wowed me over the past few seasons with their men’s line.  This year I am especially pleased. Brown leather for every occasion.  Even something as seemingly mundane as gloves are made unique, masculine and exquisite.  Take a look at a few of my favorite things  MINUS my absolute favorite item the trench coat.  I love trench coats. (The trench coat will get it’s own post. ) They scream NYC/ London sophisticated and always look sexy with the right pieces. Even their website takes care of your every desire. You can live chat about each item and even request a call back from the item page.  Take that Amazon.  Christmas is around the corner find a scarf, wallet or cuff links. A well made gift that says I REALLY care.  If all this Burberry is out of your budget you can still head over and salivate like I do over all these well fine leather goods.


Pictured above clockwise  Sartorial Leather Briefcase ($1275) Buffalo Leather Chelsea Boots  ($675)  Check Cotton Leather Trainers ($325)   Leather Touch Screen Gloves ($425)



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