Unblock Blocked Content From Any Country with Hola Browser Extension

Tried to watch a program on the Internet in another country only to be blocked because you’re in the wrong region? The Internet should be a free and open place right? Well if it isn’t open enough for you I have got a solution.

Try watching your favorite programming and browsing the Internet with Hola. It’s a browser extension originally made for Google Chrome — with versions for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Android, Windows and Mac.   Miss a show you used to watch in Australia?  Want to watch something on Netflix Canada without downloading a stupid virus?  Hola is the app for you.

In the 2 weeks I have been using it I am impressed. I have had few issues if any.  I usually go to moreflix.com and scan for for programming there.

On moreflix.com you can even choose your player; iTunes, Vudu, Netflix, Crackle, etc.  But once you launch the app in your browser you can go anywhere. Personally, I am partial to hitting up BBC or ITV in England to watch my favorite British shows.  I have zero patience when it comes to waiting on it to arrive in America.  

Aside from the obvious entertainment benefits and the fact there are no ads  Hola is definitely a gem.  Hola brags that is super secure, let’s you browse the web faster through it’s “social routing” , and changes your ip address everytime you use it to protect you against prying government eyes and retail sites.

What more could you ask for? There is a premium version that gives you extra benefits like full vpn access, multiple browsers, Hola for your iphone, iPad and Mac computers, and the opportunity to support the site for just $5.00 a month. Although, I am sure they take donations too.

You can find Hola in the Google Chrome store or check it out  here . If you have never downloaded an extension before, you’ve been missing out.  Google Chrome has so many cool browser extension. Peruse the store you’ll find a ton and you’ll be happier than a kid with a shiny new toy on Christmas day.

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