Uber Drivers: Earn $500 After One Lyft, $1000 Per Week

March Madness — Uber and Lyft Hiring Like Crazy
Uber isn’t the only one dangling cold hard CASH in a race to snap up new drivers. Lyft is looking for new drivers too and offering a $500 bonus.  Anyone who currently  drives for Uber or Sidecar or any other rideshare service who signs up to drive on Lyft will earn $500 after doing one Lyft. Yep, it’s a guaranteed $1000 per week in the first month. But you don’t have to be a driver already to get a CASH bonus from either.

Driver Signups:

Driver Perks:

  • Save up to 25 cents/gallon on gas  every time you fill up at Shell with their Fuel Rewards Network Card! Click here to signup

Passenger Incentives

Check out the extra details for the Uber 500 bonus from Lyft

Earn $1000 per week guaranteed in the first month, but you will be subject to the requirements below:

  • New Lyft drivers in Boston, Denver, Chicago, Seattle and Washington D.C. only
  • Valid for ridesharing drivers only. Drivers must be active for more than 30 days and show proof of status by emailing a recent weekly driving summary to rideshare@lyft.com.
  • Minimum 90% acceptance rate
  • Eligible drivers must apply
  • Eligible drivers must drive a minimum of 40 hrs/week, 16 of which must be in peak hours local time (Mon-Fri 7AM-9AM & Fri/Sat 11PM-3AM)

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