Updated: Uber 500 Bonus Is Back


Uber is trying to crush all competition. The Uber 500 bonus is back  along with guaranteed hourly rates for the winter. Drivers who make the switch can earn up to $500 after 50 rides for the time being.  Not a bad deal.

EVERYTHING is usually slow the month after Christmas. To combat the slow season, Uber is offering drivers guaranteed hourly rates over the winter.  Yep, you heard it correctly guaranteed hourly rates to drive when it can be dreadfully slow. Something I don’t believe any of the competition like Lyft or Sidecar is doing…yet.review smartphone android

Drivers can earn between $16 and $26 dollars an hour for driving during slow times.  According to the company ” drivers must be logged in 50 minutes per hour and maintain a 90 percent trip acceptance rate.  ” Nothing guarantees people like a steady paycheck.

The SF based company appears to be trying to lure what few drivers they may not have already snagged from Lyft with that lovely Uber 500 bonus.   If you haven’t signed up yet. You can click the button below and get signed up or click one of the links below.


Driver Applications  

Passenger Incentives

More about the companies:

UBER –has a more conservative demographic of users.  This is very likely because when they launched  Uber originally they were just a black car aka town car service. Then they launched UberX which is the program where everyday folks drive their cars and began to compete with competitor Lyft.  Uber operates in 160 cities globally and has raised about 4 billion dollars in investment cash.  www.uber.com

LYFT – definitely has a more relaxed demographic of users. This is very likely because it’s logo is a pink mustache.  It’s an easy way to identify their army of cars around town. They’ve raised 1 billion dollars in investment cash and operate in about 70 cities across the US.  www.lyft.com

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