True Blood Season 6 Episode 2 ‘The Sun’

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Sookie channels her light Photo Credit: HBO

I am going to put my foot in my mouth again.  True Blood is back and not anywhere near as terrible as I thought.  True Blood fans weren’t exactly as enthusiastic as they’ve been in previous years on Facebook or Twitter. So I didn’t rush home to catch episode 1 last week. I have been pleasantly surprised for the past 2 Sundays.  If you tuned into episode 2 you probably feel a little bit better about this whole Bill-ith thing. Bill is not God and neither is Lillith. Bill is her vampire prophet. Whew!That will keep the religious conservatives from burning down HBO.  It’s just a T.V. show people.

Jason Stackhouse meets Niall their fairy grandfather when he hitchhikes home. Could someone please explain to me why they didn’t hear about this from Claudine or Claude? Sookie was trapped in fairyland for a whole year and after chilling at the fairy club with Hadley….annoyed at this plot point. At least they have help in the fight against Warlow.  I AM only a fan of …long expository speeches if it helps move the damn story along.  Grandpa Niall gave us all the Warlow info we needed in 3 minutes. Nora put that vampire bible down and look pretty.

Many people have speculated that HBO is setting this season up to be True Blood’s last. I would agree. Telling Sookie again this season if she uses up her light she’ll be a fairy no more means the end of the vampire/fair love plotline. She’ll be ordinary and ordinary just doesn’t cut it. Will being human make her blood less tasty to vamps? Speaking of love…Sookie finally has someone new to make out with. Good for her the Bill & Eric thing is past boring at this point for viewers. True Blood needed NEW BLOOD!  Can Mr. Mysterious make it to the end of the season is the real question.

Did you like the Werebitches snatching up Emma and beating down Sam and Lafayette?  I thought that XXX and Sam were cool. Friendships fade fast when it’s every man for himself apparently. The werewolfs need to go away their plotline died with Luna. True Blood could surprise us all with some new Russell Edgington of the werewolfs, doubtful but entirely possible.

Where is Lettie Mae? The preachers wife!  Lettie Mae was one of my favorite characters and Amy from season 1 who got Jason hooked on V.  Oh the good ol’ days! There have been some good moments already this season -Lafayette and Emma playing dress up was pretty damn funny and Arlene always hands everyone their ass when she’s annoyed–great call to Sookie. “Last time I checked you were a waitress at a place called Merlotte’s!”   I died laughing with Eric in the tiny Wildlife and Gaming  man’s uniform and glasses.  Alexander Skaarsgard does an excellent job balancing scary and funny .

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