TomorrowLAND Tickets Are Still Selling Like Crazy



You know that point in the middle of the week when you need a vacation.  You know …like a vacation to TomorrowLand. If you have no idea what I am talking about this post isn’t for you. Cool people only.

I take that back– people who are looking for a new experience only.  Not the kind that involves a syringe or bungee jumping off a bridge in Singapore, but the kind that involves rallying your friends for fun.

Enter TomorrowLand –a massive EDM festival in Belgium so awesome and beloved by global festival attendees there is now a US version called TomorrowWorld just outside of Atlanta , GA.

Like all good things tickets are a bit pricey but if you start saving now…you can turn 21, 25, 30, 35 under an Electric Sky.  See what I did there 🙂

Find a costume, take off work, and rally the damn crew. Tell yourself you’re going to enjoy your week of dancing all day and night. You’re going to experience life like you never have before.  But first you gotta get there. 😛


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