Throwback Thursday Texas Longhorn Kicks

athletic shoes, Austin

                                        Texas Longhorn Tennis Shoes circa early 1980’s. 

                                        Texas Longhorn Tennis Shoes circa early 1980’s. 

These Texas athletic shoes from the 1980’s remind me of the  good old days back at Austin. Okay I am not that damn old. But…these throwback kicks definitely take me back to my days downtown and trekking around west campus sipping jungle juice out of a trashcan.  Many states have banned it.

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Grain alcohol is definitely sold in California….yep right at the local Bevmo. Why is it so cheap? I shudder thinking about my hangovers from it.  Just as well because some of us haven’t officially grown up.

College football season also starts in a month. And I NEED these in my life.  Aren’t they dope?  Who has a pair of these vintage kicks?  Who can tell me where to find these Texas beauties?

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