‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale


Here’s the trailer for The Walking Dead’s midseason return on February 9th. It looks pretty damn good.  To be honest, I was beginning to get bored with The Walking Dead.  The storylines really slowed down this season. Rick was a half crazy prison farmer. Lots of characters we don’t care about die and the flu was the worst problem in the prison.  I basically tuned out anytime they were at the prison. I was especially unimpressed with the two recent  back to back episodes that were all about the Governor.  They seem like such a waste of precious storytelling time now that he’s dead. Series creator Robert Kirkman explains that stuff and what to expect next season in an interview with the THR. (click here)

Were you pissed at the Governor for murdering Hershel?  It was sad to see Hershel go,  but oh so necessary.  He was too moral for his own good.  No one likes a constant peacemaker.  (at least on TV)   Andrea can you hear me?  Choose a side dammit.  We like you more when you do.  Michonne kicks so much ass. When things go south during the gun battle she’s rolling and ducking even tied up.  Where the hell did she get her training? Can we have a flashback please? Are you surprised the Governor didn’t chop off her head first?   As a fan it was nice to see the Governor finally gets his comeuppance, not from Rick but from Michonne who hasn’t forgiven him for what he did to Andrea.

The little kids in this episode were my favorite little bad asses. See Rick. Carol’s training was cool.  What will the Woodbury refugees do now?  Is it just Rick, Carl and Michonne? I can’t wait until February 9th. I am officially back on board.

There are a few characters I would like to see dead.  Beth and Glen I can’t wait to see you get your faces munched. Judith….oh wait she’s gone for now.  Maggie, I am sick of your whining. Carl annoys me, but now that he’s a sharp shooter he can stay.  Bring back Carol! I LOVE that the show has become less about escaping the zombies and more about the complicated psychology of human survival.   Did you notice any familiar TV faces in this episode?  

It was nice to see Miguel Acevedo of HBO’s OZ working again.  How ironic was it that he was driving a tank to get back into prison? I am mystified at the terrible job the writers did setting up the story with the little girl.  Yes, she reminds the Governor of his young daughter. He’s happy to have a family again. Then, blip she’s munched when mommy isn’t paying attention. That was extremely predictable.  Second, she wouldn’t have walked with her almost Zombie daughter to let him finish her off. The man is in the middle of a gun battle.  Can’t this wait? Apparently not. He picks her up and 1, 2, 3 a bullet in the head. He didn’t hesitate a second with this little girl. He did tell Hershel that he didn’t mine killing someone else’s daughters because they weren’t his.




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