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It’s summertime everybody wants to do cool stuff outside, especially in L.A.. Hollywood Bowl, Getty Center, Cinespia and Street Food Cinema.  Street Food Cinema is fairly new and appears to be getting a lot of buzz and press.  (that or whoever is doing their p.r. has some solid contacts.) 

Some pluses — There is a reasonably good schedule of movies coming up. Films like Skyfall, Swingers, Shaun of The Dead, and Jaws are all on the schedule. They promise food trucks and occasionally have Q & A sessions with the movie producers or directors.  Tickets will cost $10 for adults and $5 for kids  and 15$ for a reserved seat! They’re also cool enough to do advanced ticket packages and 4 people save 8 bucks.

Some minuses –The screenings take place at Exposition Park, LA Historic Park and Hope Park. If you live on the Westside or the Valley this will be a hike for you. Not to mention parking seems to be everyman for himself. Street Cinema appears to be more family oriented with several kids movies screening this summer too.  These dates advertise face painting and free slurpees which may or may not be your thing.

Cinespia has been around for years. They have screenings in the Hollywood Forever cemetery just off Santa Monica Blvd near Paramount Studios. The schedule this summer includes a mix of cult hits like Pulp Fiction and The Princess Bride and classic Hollywood movies like The Man Who Knew Too Much and Badlands.

Some pluses— the crowd is pretty mellow and dare I say mature.  I think I only saw a group streak once.  The atmosphere feels less fun house with picnic baskets, wine and cheese splattered among the viewers.

Some minuses — ticket prices have gone up it’s $12 per ticket plus $15 bucks to park your car at the cemetery. There is an $8 parking option but you’ll have to walk to and from Paramount studios to save the $7.00.

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