Resolutions? Cheers To 2014


2014 New Years Resolutions

Cheers to 2014


2013 is over! Full speed ahead for 2014.   Are you excited ? The 2014 Winter Olympics  get started next month and the World Cup heads to Brazil in June. But, first have you written out your resolutions?  Emailed them to yourself? Some people don’t like to make resolutions because they can’t commit to them for an entire year.  The easiest way to see where you can take action is to ask yourself “How do I want to feel?”  Accomplished? Respected? Progressive? Loved?

Personally, 2013 was one of the biggest growth years for me both professionally and personally. I tried a lot of things.  Some worked well and others not so much. Overall, I am pretty sure that my biggest 2013 take away was… not to get discouraged by failure.  Learn from it and try.

Try again! Try again! Try again! If you really want to it to happen. Those 3 words can be  applied to anything.  Career, love, body, finances, spiritualism and education.  When we feel like something is lacking, especially in an area where we see more progress from other people we give ourselves a hard time. Well t “Everyday is a new day to change your life” start with today.

Can’t accomplish something on your own (you know yourself)? Get on the buddy system or hire a professional.  Go to the gym with a buddy, start a new business with a buddy, check out new activities with a buddy, or get a mentor. They say the buddy system improves results by more than 50%. These folks will help hold you accountable.

Being ambitious with your goals is great. Don’t try to do too much at once. I recently read an old adage that says “You can’t catch two rabbits at once”. You can’t get anything done if you’re doing too many things.

Commit to real change! Don’t be …afraid to let go of bad relationships, bad habits, and even people. The way you move forward is by leaving some things in the past.  Right where they should be.

Okay, this year, I am committing to exploring more great restaurants and bars in the city. Los Angeles is full of so many exciting places old and new to dine and drink. Traveling to interesting places OTHER than attending weddings.  Checking out more tech related conferences and workshops. Finally, learning better ways to save and invest my dollars. I stumbled upon a cool thing online where you save for 52 weeks. You start by putting 1.00 into a savings account then 2 dollars the next week, and 3 the following week until at the end of the year you have just over 1500 bucks.  Can you do it ?

Happy New Year friends!


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