President Obama & Bill Simmons Talk Michael Jordan, Donald Trump & Guys Dating His Daughter

When news broke in July of this year that Bill Simmons would make a return to the public eye with a show on HBO after a highly-publicized divorce from ESPN/Grantland, it was clear to most that he had landed on his feet.

Although he has become more of a media personality than writer in his career as of late, GQ handed him a lofty assignment when they tasked him with interviewing President Barack Obama.

While a choice excerpt appears below, read the entire interview here.

What perk of being president are you going to miss the most?
So the clear answer would be Air Force One: an amazing plane with an amazing crew, they clear out airspace so you don’t have to wait. And you land anytime, you leave anytime. But it may be Marine One, because even post presidency, I may be able to round up a private plane sometime, but it’s tough not to have your helicopter waiting for you. [laughs]

Which Game of Thrones character is Donald Trump?
Uh…I don’t think…I don’t think any of them rise to that level.

Has anyone come to the White House and picked up your older daughter for a date?
No, but I’ve seen some folks glancing at her in ways that made me not happy.

The lack of HD really hurts—you can barely see anybody.
It’s true—and the graphics at the bottom are terrible. But a thing that you’re reminded of, watching those old Bulls games, is Jordan had some stinker games in the playoffs. But he would get that out of his mind, and then the next moment comes and he’s right there. He could have a terrible game for the first three quarters and then suddenly go crazy the fourth. Or he might miss a free throw, and then the next play is he’s stealing the ball and hitting the game-winning shot. Part of what I try to do—not at the level that Jordan did on the basketball court, but part of what you aspire to as president or any of these positions of leadership—is to try to figure out how to be in the moment, make the best decision you can, know that you’re going to get a bunch of them right, but a bunch of times you’re also not going to get it exactly the way you want it.

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