Uber and Lyft Offering $500 Signon Bonuses $40 An Hour

Trying to find a new job or even a good part time job in a terrible economy sucks. Finding something with flexible hours that actually pays you real money is even more difficult.  What about $40 bucks an hour and a sign on bonus?  *signup links below

Rideshare companies have helped lots of people keep paying their bills after getting laid off while they look for new FT work or change careers.  Grad students, actors, retirees and artists love it too. Full Time drivers in some markets earn as much as much as $84,000 a year.

What is a rideshare?  Rideshares are companies like Uber and Lyft that allow everyday people like you and me to earn money driving our own cars.  It’s called rideshare because we’re sharing our cars by driving other people around.  Uber calls it UberX and Lyft calls it a Lyft.

What are the requirements? You need a clean car that’s a  2004 or newer.  Must have a valid drivers license and car insurance. Be comfortable using a smartphone.  Be prepared for a background check. With Uber and Lyft you make your own hours and get paid weekly.  Earn up to $40 an hour and both companies are currently offering driver sign on bonuses too! (See below)

How does it work for passengers? People log on to the app press the button and the app tells you where to pick them up and tells them that you’re on the way. There’s never any cash exchanged and payment is handled through the app. At the end of the ride you rate your passengers and they rate you and off to the next one.

Lyft and Uber drivers are so much friendlier than cab drivers and the experience definitely feels safer for so many reasons.

You know exactly who you’re picking up if you’re a driver and if you’re a passenger you know who is coming to get you. And you can call and text each other. (Don’t worry about your privacy they hide your real number so you can text and call without worry) .

Who should you drive for?  Most drivers sign up to drive for both platforms since you’re considered an independent contractor by both and since they’re both offering sign on bonuses why not?

How long does it take to get started? It typically takes about a week , two max to get driving after you sign up and fill out background check paperwork.

To get bonuses you must sign up through these links.  Anyone who is eligible can signup

Driver Bonus Links:

Update****  when you sign up with Uber through the links below… Be sure to click friend or family in the drop down menu on the Uber application page these applications are processed faster on Uber.

If you are already driving for one of the companies….. read here

* Be sure to click friend or family in the drop down menu on Uber website these applications are processed faster on Uber.

  • Current UBER drivers who sign up for Lyft will get a  $500 bonus after one trip, $1000 per week. Use this referral link >> Sign up for Lyft today!

*promotions vary by market and are subject to change at any time.

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More about the companies:

UBER –has a more conservative demographic of users.  This is very likely because when they launched  Uber originally they were just a black car aka town car service. Then they launched UberX which is the program where everyday folks drive their cars and began to compete with competitor Lyft.  Uber operates in 160 cities globally and has raised about 4 billion dollars in investment cash.  www.uber.com

LYFT – definitely has a more relaxed demographic of users. This is very likely because it’s logo is a pink mustache.  It’s an easy way to identify their army of cars around town. They’ve raised 1 billion dollars in investment cash and operate in about 70 cities across the US. 

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