New .Christmas Domain Sees First Toy Pop up Shop Toysales.Christmas

sports carLast July, the .Christmas domain was officially released to the world. There hasn’t been a ton of action on this domain yet but recently I stumbled across one site trying capitalize on the lack of competition.

Toysales.Christmas launched this season as a pop up e-commerce shop for folks looking for toys on sale.  This means the toy shop is only open in November, December and January and will be shut the rest of the year.

Toysales.Christmas claims to be the first ever .Christmas retailer within the new domain extension. Not only does it carry toys on sale it goes a step further.

Toysales.Christmas curates a special list of toys made by independent toy makers across the United States.

“When I think of Christmas there is this  beautiful image I have of wooden toys, wagons,  doll houses and a big Christmas tree.  Plus, I really wanted to support American small businesses and independent toy makers. “said the company founder Wyatt Anderson  ”

classic blocks1

The young company is banking on selling toys from small businesses and indie toy makers as another alternative to to big retailers like Amazon and ETSY.

“There’s room on the Christmas high way for lots of retailers. Toysales.Christmas is a special place that won’t ever be too crowded as we limit the toys on the site for people to have just the right experience ” said Anderson

Poke around the site and you’ll find sleek toy cars for boys and girls .  Bilingual alphabet blocks in 9 or 10 languages from Hindi and Italian to French and Japanese.

There are eco-friendly friendly play sets like The Scented Scoops.  A truly 21st century dessert play set that comes with fragrant ice cream scoops made from recycled corn material.  It’s not all cars and learning blocks and cooking toys.

IceCreamSet3There are puzzle games for young kids like Crazy Cheese Puzzle and The Fast Track Game for older kids.   If they are bored and you want to get them out of the house there’s football, baseball and soccer games and a game I recently discovered called Strike It!

Strike It will have them outside playing a game of skill without killing each other.

With only a few days left til Christmas the team was kind enough to share this coupon code SAVE20 to give us 20 off.

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