MYKITA and Bernhard Willhelm Drop a Set of ’80s-Inspired Shades

A couple weeks ago, MYKITA dropped new set of styles from their ongoing collab with Maison Margiela. Now the connoisseurs of luxury eyewear welcome two new models to their collaborative collection with Bernard Willhelm, dressed in a selection of bright, ’80s-flavored colorways.

Inspired by Rocky Balboa, the “VICE” shades are made with the extremely lightweight MYLON material and feature an angled reflective lens shield, while the HANSI frame adopts a more classic aviator shape and is constructed with flatter lenses and a fluorescent mono-pad in place of the usual nose pads.

Also, check out MYKITA’S digitally tailored “MVO” eyewear collection set for release in Spring 2016.

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