‘Memorial Day 2013’ Hermosa Beach, CA

Memorial Day Hermosa Beach California BBQ

Memorial Day 2013 will involve eating copious amounts of grilled culinary delights and guzzling down my share of the libations. This year I am lucky enough to spend it beachfront down  in Hermosa Beach, CA . It’s great to know people! Hermosa Beach is a fun beach town with it’s fair share of cool bars and outdoor stuff like Hermosa Beach Festival & The “Six Man” volleyball tournament.

Southern California beach cities rock!  The weather makes you feel great.  And…if you need a subtle reminder to get your ass to the gym,  you’ll find 2 or 10 or 50 good looking reasons while you’re people watching.   Don’t forget Memorial Day 2013 shouldn’t just be about bbq’s, beach bodies and the best EDM beats.

Please take a moment to remember those who have fought for our right to peacefully enjoy those burgers, boobies, booty’s and beach volleyball games

You Probably Don’t Know: Memorial Day was originally started after the Civil War to honor the dead Union and Confederate soldiers. Today,  we use it as a day to honor and remember all of those Americans who have died during their military service.

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