Lose It! Makes Keeping Track Of Your Food & Workouts REALLY Easy

Living in Southern California fitness and eating well doesn’t just feel like a lifestyle,  most of the time it feels like a religion. Throngs of people crowding gyms, juice bars and yoga studios trying to slim down and sculpt those sun kissed bodies.

2014 is here and the better YOU ma already be a work in progress.  You’re probably eating healthier and you have a gym buddy. Now you just need an easier way to keep track of your food and exercise goals. Try Lose it!

Lose it!  keeps track of food and exercise.  It lets you type in your goals and helps you stay on track based on your food choices and exercise.   It’s compatible with another of calorie tracking devices like the Nike Fuelband and even has a premium feature that plans meals for you and puts you in competitive groups with other users.

What I like the most about Lose it! is that it allows you to scan everything even it’s not found in their database.  This feature is cool. It’s helped me understand a few things about my diet in the two weeks that I have been using it.

1 I don’t eat as well balanced as I thought. I have more sugar and sodium in my diet do to all the prepackaged snacks I like. 2. If I am scanning it I probably shouldn’t be eating it.

Prepared meals are a much healthier way to go especially if you’re preparing them at home and controlling those portion sizes.  The proof is in the numbers. That’s the part I part I love.

Nothing will make you slow down and choose an alternative faster than the cold hard facts.  I am using a free version at the moment and if you get more serious you can upgrade to premium one if you can stick with it.


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