K-Mart’s Joe Boxer #ShowYourJoe Ad Has Uptight People Bitching

Goodbye Pumpkin Spiced Latte! Hello Gingerbread Latte! The holiday season is upon us. Christmas to be more precise. Bright red and green Christmas ornaments and silver tinsel already line the shelves of my favorite stores.  Extremely tempting daily deals are filling up my inbox ready to ruin my December “budget”. So much for eating turkey! Apparently, it’s all about buying not eating. Pretty soon my newsfeed will go from bad to worse with stories of Black Friday shoppers being trampled and the usual tales of Christmas woe. They typically range from “our shit got stolen” “our house burned down” or “we’re hungry please help!” But…before we get to all the gloom and doom K-Mart’s new Joe Boxer Commercial #ShowYourJoe has a few people all riled up.

The 60 second commercial starts with six handsome guys with six different hand bells playing Jingle Bells. Suddenly the table disappears and they’re all standing in their Joe Boxers. The guys continue the tune shaking their “junk” in Joe Boxers. Cute right? Not to some people. This is hardly offensive to anyone under 65 that isn’t living under a rock. What are we going to do censor next Victoria Secret commercials? Hell just cancel the show now! Noooo!

Horny housewives will love it! Gays will love it! Young women will love it.  This is MARKETING genius. I am sure this is just the kind of buzz that K-Mart wants to get a leg up on competitors like Wal-Mart, Target and Kohls.

Stop being so uptight people there are worse things in the world like Miley Cyrus #twerking and grinding on Robin Thicke. Sexy ads do just what their supposed to do. I’ll be sending out Joe Boxer’s as gift’s this year. I shall will also be heading to the Beverly Center for a picture with sexy Santa to send out in my holiday cards this year!

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