Issen Holiday Favorites 2013 #4 ‘Miyagikyo Japanese Whiskey’


Japanese Whiskey Miyagikyo

Miyagikyo Whiskey ($120)


What’s a nice strong masculine drink that will keep “everyone” warm this winter?  Whiskey!  Japanese whiskey is all the rage this holiday season. Scottish 20 year whiskeys like Highland Park, and GlenKeith are getting more competition from distilleries around the globe .  Japanese whiskey’s have  grabbed lots of consumer attention since they burst onto the scene just a few years ago.

Currently, there are only  10 sold throughout the United States. The two main producers of these new Japanese whiskies are Nikka and Suntory.   Nikka has a larger selection.   Introduced earlier this year,  Nikka’s newest selections include Taketsuru 21- and Taketsuru 17-year-old. Both are so highly  in demand they are pretty difficult to get your hands on.

People are either hording them or buying them so fast AMAZON can’t even grab a few crates to drop off with dronesWhat can you get your hands on ? The Miyagikyo  12-year-old seems to be fairly ubiquitous.  For being so new to the market  it’s is getting rave reviews from whiskey aficionados and novices.   Miyagikyo  tastes fresh, and woody like other Scottish single-malts with a distinctive well balanced flavor and a lingering hint of floral.   Miyagikyo costs $120 a bottle and can be found at

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