Issen’s 2013 Holiday Favorites #5 ‘Fitbit Force’

Fitbit Force

Fitbit Force


Fitbit Force is one of the best selling fitness items of  2013.  Fitbit Force is a sleek looking rubber bracelet with a digital display that tracks your calories, your steps, and your sleep each day.  You can also enter what you ate and how much water you drank.  If you already track your fitness progress,  you’ll be pleased to know that it fully integrates with popular apps like MyFitnessPal, LoseIt! and Run Keeper.

Why do I like Fitbit Force? I like anything that makes my life less complicated.  Fitbit Force is a follow up to last years  Fitbit Flex. Consumers and critics are giving it much better reviews than the previous model.  The updated version is lighter and comes with bluetooth for better connectivity with smartphones.  Isn’t the version 2.0 of anything always better? 

For the longest time it felt nearly impossible to get your hands on one. Fitbit was sold out everywhere online.  If that wasn’t officially annoying,  even REI, Target, and Brookstone were sold out or giving crazy backorder times.  Don’t worry now everyone seems to have plenty.

Fitbit’s main competitor is the Nike Fuel Band SE.  While I don’t personally own one,  the feedback that I have gotten from friends hasn’t been good.  People say that its really glitchy and I have heard tales of multiple exchanges and returns.

The Flex cost about 130 bucks and you can order one directly from Fitbit or any of the big stores.  I have a feeling this years cold winter weather is going to drive up sales.  Those who pack on the pounds staying inside eating and drinking too much will need something easy to get back on track.


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