What The Hell Is Yacht Week?

What the hell is Yacht Week? I am sure you’ve heard those words once or twice this summer already.  No, it’s not some semester at sea program where you “earn college  credits” while living on a boat. And it definitely isn’t where baby boomers meet up in the south of France to race their luxury boats.

Yacht Week is a seven day boat tour of seaside hot spots. There are three routes.  The British Virgin Islands, Thailand and the Mediterranean. The most popular route is the Mediterranean which includes Ibiza, Greece, and Croatia.

Started in 2005 by Swedes William Wenkel and Erik Biörklund, Yacht Week has grown from friends having fun on a summer holiday  into a multi-million  dollar operation .  In fact, thanks to a 2009 YouTube video gone viral –it’s become a global phenomenon . Global party monsters (20% are American)  are snapping up tickets faster than you can say…vodka. How does it work?

For about $1000 per person a group of bros and babes can reserve a boat for a week. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to drive a boat. Every reservation includes a boat captain. Each day the boat docks in a different place along the route.

These stops allow travelers to hop boats and party  at nearby beach clubs.  Champagne showers and booty shaking to EDM into the wee hours of the morning complete the experience.   Daytime activities have also been known to include cliff jumping , boat diving and swinging from the boat mast.

But–don’t forget to round up your girls. “No reservation is approved without at least an even guy/girl ratio.”  They want to make sure they keep the most important B in the three B’s. Bros, Babes and boats. Everybody likes to party with hotties. Right?

To be fair, I have only heard and seen good things about this party. (Thank you YouTube ) I know a group of people who went last year who loved it. This year I know a different group going and they can’t wait.

It’s officially turning into the Coachella of the Mediterranean.  Although, I’d love to know how half of these kids smuggle in their molly and coke because everyone in these damn videos looks TURNED all the way up.

Get a good group together and check out yacht week before you’re too old.


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