What The Hell Is A Selfie Stick ?

I now NEED a selfie stick, just like my 17 year old cousin and my 24 year old girlfriends. I know, at a certain point you need to sit your ass down.  I am not there yet. I still love FOOD and my gadgets.

WTF is a selfie stick?  This lovely piece of equipment does just as it’s name describes.  It helps those genetically challenged folks with a normal arm length snap that oh so beloved selfie.

They are pouring out of China and popping up all over the web faster than you can say Grub Hub!  Which kind do I want ? Well if you REALLY want to know. There’s three kinds to choose from. 


First there is the kind that’s merely an extension of your arm.This means no electronic help from the stick itself.  You have to set your camera  timer to snap the pic.  Uggh doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a cool gadget?



Second there’s the kind that has a cord you plug into your camera. Then you’ll snap your selfie with the bluetooth button on your selfie stick.


Finally, there is a selfie stick with a separate blue tooth remote.  This I completely don’t understand. Anyone who buys one of these is  either a teenager– forgetful by default or an adult acting like a teenager with one who is also forgetful by default.

Either way that remote will last about a month. At which point I suppose the selfie stick  business remains scaleable . Because you know you can count on plenty of returning customers.

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