Why I Love Google Music

Google Music may not be as popular as Spotify or iTunes yet, but it will be. Today Google announced the purchase of music streaming company “Songza”.  Songza is well known for it’s curated playlists and concierge music service.  It senses your time of day to suggest curated playlists like “Mellow Escapist Evening” or “Classic Pop Wake-Up Call.”   When your competition does it better…buy em out right?

I have been using Google Music since March and I have to say it’s hard not to be impressed. In typical Google fashion they’ve created a user interface that’s polished and pretty and easy to use.

That’a  part of the reason I never really got into Spotify.  If I have to tinker around with the interface to figure it out then I am over it pretty much instantly.  The Google Music interface is seamless between my four devies;  my Google Nexus 7  tablet, my Galaxy Note 3 and my Samsung desktop and Samsung laptop.  I think this is officially an Android house.

For the record– I do own an iPad which I use mostly for listening to audio books and going  to websites that could give my computer a virus :P.

Google Music shits on Pandora. You can skip back and forth,  actually create playlists, giving the thumbs up means something. and there are no ads. . There are no hiccups or freezes as long as you have a good connection.  This alone makes it worth the $9.99 a month

Aside from full customization playlists, you can even download music you stream on to your device.  So even if you don’t purchase the song you can still listen to it if you’re on an airplane, in the basement of your  gym or at some strange place that doesn’t have very good reception.

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If you have an Android device already open the Play Music icon you might already have a 6 month free trial waiting for you. Poke around on the Internet and you’ll find a code for a free two months of Google Music. 60 days is long enough for you to get hooked .

Basically, they bought the guys who did playlists a little better than them. This can only mean Google Music will get even better.

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