Game Of Thrones Season 4 Blooper Real & Season 5 Cast Announcements at San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 2014 is well underway. HBO kicked off their Game of Thrones panel with a funny blooper reel from season 4. The Game of Thrones cast won an MTV movie award the day before for best  OMG moment.  They still do the MTV awards?  Well…

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Since waiting sucks HBO did give curious fans at San Diego Comic Con a little taste of next season by introducing a few new faces that will join the Sunday night cast. From the looks of it we’ll learn a lot more about Prince Oberyn Martell’s hometown of Dorne and we’ll get to meet a few of his children and his brother the king.

Why can’t they just make this show year round?  Love it!  The cast of Game of Thrones has been quite popular  at  San Diego Comic Con this year.  Posing for lots of fan pics (atleast according to Instagram) and hamming it up interviews. Check out the clip after the jump.

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