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Game Of Thrones HBO Red Wedding Season 3

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Game of Thrones fans were pretty shocked by last nights bloody massacre of the Stark clan.  One really wonders why Rob Stark  would bring his mother and his wife into the lion’s den.  Lord Walder Frey didn’t seem like a trustworthy ally to begin with and neither did Roose Bolton.  What a bloody terrible scene! Did they have to stab his wife Talisa in the stomach nine times? Rob’s inexperience is ultimately what killed him and his family.  He was a leader who just didn’t listen. Catelyn Stark had a feeling something wasn’t right but ignoring her intuition cost her dearly.  Poor Edmur- Is Edmure Tully actually married to Rosalyn Frey?  Will he be a hostage for the Lannisters ?  Aria…close but no cigar!

I was actually surprised to see Jon Snow bail on Ygritte. I thought for sure that he’d put her on the back of his horse when he took off. Love ’em and leave ’em I guess. Why is the Khalisi still in the dessert? Her storyline over the last 3 years has dragged on senselessly. Although, we do need her precious dragons to grow up.

Game of Thrones plots I DON’T CARE  about–Sam and the girl with the baby is a total buzz kill. He sucks and she’s super dumb.  Stanis Boratheon with the red priestess Melisandre plot is dragging on too. Why is she taking so long to conjure this shadow monster that could kill Joffrey? Do it and move on please.  Bran and Rickon traveling with Osha and the two uninteresting characters I can barely remember. Why is this story taking so long to develop? The actress who plays this wildling character Osha does an excellent job.

Game of Thrones plots I DO care about– Where is Jaime Lannister? Has Tywin officially been told his most prized progeny is missing a hand? Who the hell is torturing Theon? Did Cersei get rid of The Tyrell’s ?  What will become of Sansa and Tyrion?  The Tyrell’s are a smart clan I am not sure who will be outdone.  I feel like they could have moved some of these stories a long a little bit better to keep me from being generally annoyed after the series ends next week.

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