“Game of Thrones’ Mysha A Let Down?

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After last week’s “Red Wedding”, many Game of Thrones fans had hoped for swift vindication for the Stark murders. Yeah, that didn’t happen.  In fact, I think episode 10 was a complete let down.  Sure, it wrapped up a lot of the loose ends but it didn’t do a good job. Let’s see…Jaime “the kingslayer” finally made it to Kings Landing with Brienne. Oh the look in his girlfriend’s   Cersei’s eyes when she saw the love of her life returned -mutilated.  As expected, the Stark girls handled the tragic news in dramatically different ways. Arya kills a man because she’s not taking shit from anyone anymore. Sansa weeps by the window seal, because she’s dense and can’t do anything else.

Piggy Sam runs into Bran and spills the beans about the Valyrian steel. Of course, Bran says “Thanks” and continues his suicide mission.  Teenagers never listen. Ygritte hurt Jon Snow but spared him. She was distracted by the thought of his amazing cunilingus. These two will meet again.  Were you relieved to finally know who was torturing Theon? That storyline was dragging.  I would have never put Roose Bolton behind that one. I guess that’s what they call the element of surprise.

Theon’s sister Asha proved once again she’s a complete bad ass.  Telling her father she was taking the fastest ship and the 50 BEST killers to save Theon. Sad we have to wait a year to see her in action. Game of Thrones did have a winner this season, the one and only Daenerys Targaryan. She got an army, a man, a city and dragons that can fly. That’s a step up from rape, a stillborn baby, a dead husband and losing the dragons. Although, will she even want the iron throne when she gets there?  Seems like a lot of work for the unknown.

Game of Thrones is a dish that is best served twice. I love to watch the season again.  The fast paced show makes it so easy to miss things, especially when you expect someone to die in every other scene.   Goodbye Game of Thrones Sundays until 2014 and hello True Blood. I am not expecting much from True Blood this year. The previews already look terrible.  Perhaps, I’ll get outside more until Boardwalk Empire in September.

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