Foodie Call: Cronut Crazy

Ready to try something new? Cronuts are the latest pastry craze. Dreamed up by famed New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel, Cronuts are a combination croissant doughnut.  Although it’s been trendy in the big apple for a minute LA folks are just now catching on.  I have a friend who is a pastry chef and recently mentioned a 5am trip to a local pastry shop to test them out and offer his official opinion. Obviously, he’s pastry chef and not a  journalist or food blogger because his description didn’t make me want to dash out and sample the goods for myself.

Today, I serendipitously discovered them while I was posted up at one of my favorite local coffee houses The Coffee Connection.  Usually, I”d order a TEA and a tasty chocolate chip cookie.  They were sold out of cookies.  Since my cookie was a no go and I still have a damn sweet tooth I was happy to try one of the tasty looking CRONUTS. Buzz really is 9/10 of trying new things in LA right?

For $2.00 I was able to taste a nice fluffy flaky cronut with strawberry cream cheese filling. IT was pretty damn tasty.  The light pastry was cut in half and filled in the middle.  My cronut wasn’t overly filling and held together nicely. The sugary filling didn’t ooze all over the place. I hate a messy dessert.  They taste perfect at room temperature.  Did I mention how damn tasty they are with warm TEA?

The trendy dessert is popping up at  plenty of places around town.  Downtown dwellers can try one at  Semi Sweet Bakery  and Westsiders can hit up DK’s in Santa Monica. Now… where can I find the perfect Gingerbread House to snack on from now until Christmas. Stay tuned…

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