Edible Coffee Cup …Winning

What if you could get your morning coffee in an edible coffee cup ? No, I am not teasing. This goodness actually exists. Alfred’s Coffee and Kitchen has made the most eco-friendly coffee cup on the west coast.

The Los Angeles based coffee house serves up drinks in an edible waffle cup.  The cup has a thick coating of chocolate to keep your coffee hot and especially tasty.

Coffee lovers will be delighted to know that Alfred’s Coffee and Kitchen exclusively brews with Stumptown Coffee.  Don’t know Stumptown?  Great founding of the company and  they take their coffee pretty damn seriously.

I have heard it is quite magical to the palette.  So how much are you going to spend for your brew and edible cup? Be prepared to shell out an extra five bucks on top of the coffee for the edible waffle cup.  This doesn’t really make it that much more expensive than a fancy coffee at Starbucks.

I can already smell my pumpkin spiced latte and edible cup.

As long, as this place isn’t in my office building I am totally okay with promoting this kind of excess.  I can already see this becoming an addiction.

Coffee lovers be in LA be prepared for a line if when you go. If not you’re day can only get better.



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