Are Consumer Drones The New Go Pro?

Someone in LA has been flying a drone over the LAPD station in Hollywood and filming.  All the snooping has the boys and girls in black a little pissed.   According to some legalese on TMZ there’s not much they can do about it either.

“As long as the drones are flying lower than 400 feet they are out of FAA flying space and perfectly legal.”  All this talk about drones in the mainstream is sparking  big consumer interest.   Still confused about what a drone is ? I’ll explain.

Drones are mini aircraft that you can fly via remote control. To the average person they may look like high tech flying toys.  Don’t let their toy like appearance fool you. Typically, they carry things like cameras and other photo imaging equipment but they are capable of carrying just about anything within certain weight limits.

Amazon wants them to deliver your packages.  Farmers are using them to survey crops. Paparazzi are using them to snap photos of celebs. Even Martha Stewart is using her ipad and a drone to get some aerial views of gardens on her multi-million dollar properties.

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Since it’s debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2012 the Parrot AR 2.0 has been one of the most popular consumer drone versions ever.  For $300 you can get the AR Drone 2.0 power edition that comes with a built in camera, wi-fi , gps and the ability to live stream and  capture video in 720HD. The AR 2.0 will fly for a full 36 minutes and you can control it with your smartphone or tablet.

Don’t worry if you’re a novice pilot.  Parrot has a Drone Academy to help formally educate you on your new passion and tons of YouTube videos to fuel your inner drone mechanic.

There are lots of other consumer drone versions out there with additional features like autopilot, collision sensors and those that will return to it’s last take off location. They range from $100 for the Walker QR Infra to more than $5000 for the Skybotix UAV. I know that’s a huge range. Complex wrote an amazing article that gives you the 411 here.

2014 just might be the year that the race for the everyday man’s dollar in the drone game goes from late adopters to early majority. Although, anything that makes masses even more lazy I want to slowly inch away from. Kidding… I can see local startups popping us with services using drones to deliver cigarettes, condoms, weed and *insert anything else here.

Are you ready to buy a drone ?

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