Bye Bye DirecTV…Hello Streaming!

Cutting the DirecTV cord was probably one of the hardest decisions I have made since I gave up alcohol and Teddy Grahams last year for lent. After the first 10 months all the fun discounts fell off.  My bill soared from 80 bucks a month to whopping 130.

Under contract they made it pretty difficult (in the most the polite way) for me to reduce my monthly bill. Faced with the option of spending $130 bucks forever or paying a fee to cancel I chose the latter.  DirecTV for their part has good customer service. In the year I had them, they emailed me to death about all of their fine products and features.

What made this really easy was the cost of the alternatives. I have had Netflix, and  Hulu Plus for the last year and they’re pretty inexpensive.  SlingTV , a new streaming service that offers a la cart  cable channels like CNN,  Disney,  ESPN and AMC just popped up. It’s 20 bucks a month. Next month HBO releases it’s stand alone product HBONow.

Netflix, Hulu, Sling and HBONow will cost me a total of $54.00.  Nearly 80 dollars in savings a month is worth it. You can see why it wasn’t very difficult to cancel.  Plus,  I have a Roku3 and it streams everything in HD (1080P) I prefer it over Roku3 because I can use Amazon Instant and Google Play.

Neither of those are available on AppleTV yet.  Although, I have heard rumors that Apple was going to be updating the streaming box for the first time since 2012 later this year.

I thought I would feel anxious missing out on the fluff channels.  However, most networks have an app where you can watch their programming on any device. I watched #EmpireonFox this way earlier.

If you’re thinking about cutting the cord try it.  You have nothing to lose but terrible local programming.

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