“Boardwalk Empire” Season 4 Trailer Released

Are you excited for the premiere of Boardwalk Empire Season 4? The show returns Sunday September 8 at 9pm on HBO. This week HBO released a new season 4 trailer and it looks like more murder, mayhem and death. Looks like Nucky Thompson is back on top. There’s plenty of pretty new faces dancing around the screen and it looks like he’s still crushing anyone who gets in his way. I was a little worried at the end of last season. Things were looking quite rough for Nucky.

Nucky’s Irish bodyguard Owen Sleater was sent back to the house in a box. Margaret lost it when she saw her dead lover and fled with the kids. The scene left Nucky confused and afraid for his life. That was the start of what I thought might be the end for the Atlantic City gangster.  Thanks to Chalky White and Al Capone Nucky lives to make his enemies pay. So glad that Gip Rosetti the unstoppable gangsta who loved auto erotica and hated Nucky is out of the picture! And from the looks of things so is Margaret.

She doesn’t appear in the trailer which leads me to believe she’ll pop up later if at all.  One person who isn’t missing is Jillian Darmody. Darmody is front and center in court. Does that mean Nucky is making her pay for being an absolute bitch? She sucks!  Gretchen Mol does an amazing job with her character. Weaseling herself out of tight situations is her specialty. No doubt she’ll  do the same. I can’t wait for the show to return.  Fall television is so much better than Summer TV.  True Blood has been a bore and I really believe this is the last season. HBO apparently has 8 new shows in the works. What are you looking forward to seeing ? Sound off in the comments.

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