Amazon Drones To Deliver In 30 Mins Or Less

Amazon wants the Federal Aviation Administration to give it permission to use drones to deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less.
Last December, the company outlined a plan on 60 minutes to deliver customer packages with self-guided aircrafts or Amazon Drones.  Amazon is developing a series of aerial vehicles that will manage the new service which they call “Prime Air Service”. Amazon Drones can travel more than 50 miles an hour and carry up to 5lbs at a time.  86%  of the companies deliveries are 5lbs or less according to the company.
Amazon Drones sounds like a cool idea, but all the congestion  in the sky would get annoying. What if one goes haywire when there’s bad weather?  Imagine all the news stories about Amazon Drones flying into windows or distracting drivers.
Congress has strongly encouraged the FAA to make US skies available for commercial drone use by 2015.   Currently, the only state they have been approved to operate in is Alaska. In Alaska, drones survey oil pipelines for British petroleum and survey wildlife along the coast.
What about deliveries to the wrong address? I don’t want my neighbors to know I order ice cream and condoms in bulk. If you haven’t done it yet you should.   I am all about saving time but at what does technology make us look ridiculous?
Calculators have made people so dumb they can’t multiply or do  long division anymore. Google Maps have made people lose a basic sense of direction. Now we’re so impatient we can’t wait for a package to show up?
I am okay with waiting a day or two to get something.  Instant gratification will just make people even more last minute than they are already.  No one has even bothered to mention how will returns will work.
If this passes and quickly, can you imagine the skies the day after Christmas?  Stay tuned people

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