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Coordinates Collection Bracelet


It’s Cyber Monday!  Are you perusing the sales on Amazon, Mr. Porter, Best Buy or Macy’s instead of being productive at work? Are you doing more shopping for yourself than…family?   Me too!  So far the best deals I have seen this year are on smart TV’s, phones and shoes.  But the most charming thing I have seen today is Coordinates Collection.  

Shopping for loved ones is always a difficult task. There are so many things to choose from and let’s face it people are picky! I know I am.  This year instead of clogging up my feed on Facebook  8 times a day I have decided to share my 2013 list of holiday favorites with my Cigars and Socks family.  You’re welcome in advance for any ideas that spring up as a result.

Coordinates is one of those brands I have heard about lots of times, but just never really checked out.  I am quite embarrassed I have missed out this long.  Coordinates Collection jewelry takes the ” jewelry to remember a special moment” concept to the next level.  The LA based jewelry company makes custom bracelets and rings with engravings and a unique set of coordinates. What says special more than a bracelet with a set of coordinates that warm your heart? You can be sweet or cheeky with the coordinates you chose. 😛

They come in 3 different styles and 6 different metals. Choose gold, rose gold, silver or three other materials. Making it an even more personal gift and add a birthstone to your bracelet.  What do I love about this gift?  There are infinite number of coordinates and inscriptions you could use to remind your loved ones and friends about special places and moments in your life.  I see this for birthdays, anniversarys, bachelorette, and bachelor parties.. Shall I go on ? No two are the same because of all the different combinations.

The bracelets start at about $120. They are all manufactured and shipped from their design studio in Los Angeles, CA. and take about 2 weeks to receive.USE the coupon code PRIMROSE at check out to save 30% off your order.   Don’t forget to check back here at Cigars and Socks each day for more of my 2013 holiday favorites. They’re good !

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