Are Consumer Drones The New Go Pro?

Someone in LA has been flying a drone over the LAPD station in Hollywood and filming.  All the snooping has the boys and girls in black a little pissed.   According to some legalese on TMZ there’s not much they can do about it either.

“As long as the drones are flying lower than 400 feet they are out of FAA flying space and perfectly legal.”  All this talk about drones in the mainstream is sparking  big consumer interest.   Still confused about what a drone is ? I’ll explain.

Drones are mini aircraft that you can fly via remote control. To the average person they may look like high tech flying toys.  Don’t let their toy like appearance fool you.  Continue reading Are Consumer Drones The New Go Pro?

Combat the Cold With Maiden Noir and Crescent Down Works’ Vests

To highlight its Winter 2015 collection, menswear label Maiden Noir has teamed up with Crescent Down Works on a seasonally appropriate selection of vests. Not dissimilar to the look of a bullet-proof vest, the down-filled gilets are constructed with two front pockets, hand warmers and side button closures to combat the cold months ahead.

The pieces are available in shades of navy, khaki, black and grey, with 700-fill white goose down for superior insulation in low temperatures.

In a bid to forget about the cold, check out Daniela Lopez Osorio in this steamy shoot for JNC Magazine’s Summer 2015 issue.

The 10 Most Valuable Sneakers of 2015 Q3

Sneaker fever hasn’t just gripped the world, it’s gripped the economy too. The American market for deadstock sneakers has now eclipsed a colossal $1billion, with the thriving resell community netting millions of dollars a year by flipping rare kicks for profit.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with the sneakerhead data wizards over at Campless to bring you a detailed breakdown of the most valuable shoes to hit the resell market, as well as those that grossed the most dollars overall.

Due to technical difficulties we’re a little late, but here’s the rundown for Q3 (that’s July 1 to September 31) – with Campless’s data based on the sale of deadstock sneakers on eBay.

Be sure to check out the Q1 and Q2 results if you haven’t already.

Yeezy Season Approaches…

While in both Q1 and Q2, Kanye West’s adidas sneakers were pipped to first place by hyped Nike and Jordan releases, this time around the Yeezy Boost 350 emerged victorious as Q3’s most expensive sneaker. The “Pirate Black” Boost 350 reached an average deadstock price of $751 – a 375% increase from its original $200 price tag. The Three Stripes’ Kanye-worn all-white Ultra Boost also charted high.

The hype surrounding Drake’s OVO Air Jordan 10 sneaker – which dropped back in April – continued all the way into Q3, although its original resell price of $4,050 had dropped to a much less extravagant $599 (resold hyped sneakers are at their most expensive immediately after release, and steadily decrease in value over time).

ASICS, meanwhile, continued their steady presence in the resell game – the brand regularly charted high in previous quarters – while resurgent sneaker brand Diadora made a strong appearance thanks to their three-way collab with Packer Shoes and Wu-Tang’s Raekwon.

…And Yeezy Season Dominates

It’s also Yeezy season in terms of total dollars spent this quarter, as Kanye’s “Pirate Black” Boost 350 made well over $2million in eBay sales alone – hardly surprising given that anything with West’s name on it generates absolutely stupendous amounts of hype. It seems that adidas have produced the Yeezy line in much greater numbers than Nike ever did, and interestingly the first Yeezy Boost 350 only made $500,000 in Q2, while its big brother the Boost 750 sold an impressive $1,800,000 in Q1.

While Jordan drops dominated previous quarters in terms of dollars spend, it seems the brand has taken a back seat of late – likely because we were drowning in Jumpman releases in 2014. It’s wise for the brand to slow down the torrent of Retro releases when exclusivity and hype are such a vital part of its business.

Jordan’s slowdown also explains the proliferation of more obscure models on the list, as Reebok’s Kendrick Lamar shoe and adidas’s Ultra Boost also made significant amounts in Q3.

Be sure to check out the Q1 and Q2 results if you haven’t already, and for more sneakerhead data check out Nike and adidas’s sneaker wars, as well as The Ingenious Methods Nike Uses to Control the Sneaker Resell Market.

Meet the Muse | Anna Brimacombe

The latest chapter in our Meet the Muse series takes to the trendy London neighborhood of Dalston, where renowned fashion photographer Nadia Sarwar captured model Anna Brimacombe. The moody editorial accentuates Anna’s striking beauty as she dons an array of stylish sportswear getups amidst a stark and minimal concrete setting.

We asked Anna 10 questions in order to get to know her a little more. See what she had to say below and check out the previous installment with Vancouver-based beauty Jenny Choi.

Photography: Nadia Sarwar
Model: Anna Brimacombe
Brands: adidas Originals, Nike, Palace, Vintage

Your first modeling gig?

LOVE magazine shot by Boo George in 2014.

Your favorite wardrobe item?

A Burberry trench coat that I need to wear more.

Your top holiday destination?

On the beach in Tulum, Mexico.

Your dream celebrity rendezvous?

I’ll keep that one to myself haha..

The best advice you’ve been given?

People come and go but the best will stay.

Your style icon?

Such a cliché answer but Kate Moss, she’s a legend and always looks effortless and true to herself.

Your childhood hero?

The Flintstones.

Your first thought each morning?

Where’s the green tea and fruit at?!?

Your no.1 album?

The Streets – Original Pirate Material (2002).

Your favorite meal?

Smoked salmon pasta.

Your prize possession?

Céline sunglasses.

TV Club: Several returning faces show how much FOTB has grown

Early on in “Huangsgiving,” it’s revealed that the Huangs are having several characters from Fresh Off The Boat’s lesser (though still pretty good) first season over for dinner. And while I was excited to hear that Jessica’s competitive sister Connie and her husband Steve were on the guest list for the holiday, I wasn’t too thrilled that her college fling Oscar Chow would be in attendance as well. Last time we saw him, FOTB’s writers went to great lengths to portray him as the kind of funny gay friend that seemed to be a trademark of so many sitcoms in the ‘90s, a guy who spent most of his visit prancing around in a pink bathrobe while singing Disney showtunes. I commended the show for the Huangs’ positive relationship with Oscar and his lack of resentment towards their marriage (it was revealed he actually had a crush on Louis), but there was no getting around the fact that he was a walking stereotype.

David Smithyman, who also penned Oscar Chow’s first appearance in “Blind Spot,” treats the character with much more depth here, giving him some quieter moments as Oscar introduces his boyfriend Michael to everyone and (somewhat begrudgingly) bonds with Marvin (who’s also over for dinner, along with Honey) over a game of football in the street. His appearance doesn’t even have that much to do with the central plot—he’s more there to add to the ensemble, to show a group of people from diverse backgrounds making meaningful connections on a holiday about that very thing. It’s a nice touch.

Even Connie and Steve, whose characters worked rather well last season, get a more subtle treatment in “Huangsgiving,” or at least a more naturalistic one, mainly because Smithyman and director Gail Mancuso aren’t afraid to amplify the couple’s desperation. They’ve always embraced a lame sense of oneupmanship, but it’s sadder when they’re still trying to impress everyone even as their personal lives are in more dire straits than when we last saw them. When Steve comes fishtailing around the corner in a mud-brown, falling-apart Geo instead of his sports car, it’s clear that things have changed. Sure enough, we find out that he and Connie are going through financial troubles and are on the verge of separating. Oh, and their son Justin has graduated from listening to post-grunge to listening to ska.

This all sets the stage for some holiday lunacy in the vein of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and countless other sitcoms, but “Huangsgiving” bucks tradition by focusing more on the chaos within its characters than the event itself. Things still go wrong, of course, but when they do, it leads to a deflation of spirit rather than property damage or everyone chasing each other around the dinner table. For example, when Steve, wallowing in his romantic sorrows, convinces Louis to down a whole bottle of Wild Turkey with him, Louis winds up hung over the next day—or, more specifically, passed out on the sidewalk with a half-eaten burrito on his chest—and forgets to put the big bird in the oven (his original plan of cornish game hens falls through when the birds get delivered alive). But it doesn’t lead to some huge fight—he just spends the rest of the day in a groggy daze as Jessica tries to save face and speed up the turkey-roasting with a hairdryer. That’s about as frantic as “Huangsgiving” gets.

Instead, most of the laughs get drawn from quiet awkwardness. As Louis passes out on the couch next to his mother-in-law (the colder doppelganger to Grandma Huang), Steve attempts to win back Connie with an off-key rendition of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” on a ukulele. Appalled, she finds a way to make herself feel better and also get a leg up in her never-ending rivalry between her and Jessica by telling everyone about the turkey situation. That positions her as the hero when she drives to an appliance store to pick up a deep-fryer, although Jessica follows to confront her about stealing the holiday glory. Naturally, it comes out that Connie’s jealousy isn’t about the turkey or the deep-fryer or Thanksgiving in general, but her wanting attention for something more positive than her crumbling marriage and the other problems in her life. They apologize to each other, Jessica convinces Connie to stay with Steve, and the two head home to prepare dinner.

An unabashedly sweet ending wouldn’t feel quite right between the sisters, which is why Jessica can’t get resist getting in some last-minute barbs when she insists on buying the deep-fryer (“You have to be married to Steve,“ she tells Connie). I also wouldn’t be surprised if Connie did eventually leave Steve somewhere down the line. It’s those details, along with the awkwardness and series of tiny, more humanistic victories that make “Huangsgiving” feel slightly more realistic than many episodes of Fresh Off The Boat. We’ve all gone through holiday disasters—they’re just usually a lot less catastrophic than they are in most films and TV shows, and I don’t know if Fresh Off The Boat could have pulled off such a downplayed holiday special last year. It’s nice to see the series continually evolve in its second year.

Stray observations

  • Say what you will about ska, but I’d listen to it over Live any day of the week.
  • Eddie and Justin may never bond over music, but they finally find one thing they have in common: a love for ‘90s-slow downloads of nude female celebrities.
  • And when you can’t agree on Janet Jackson or Janeane Garofalo, you of course go for the natural compromise of Tracy Chapman, even if she’s fully clothed.
  • What would you prefer at Thanksgiving: deep-fried turkey or an individual cornish game hen? Discuss.
  • So many good quotes, so I’m just going to rattle off a bunch of them:
  • “Individual cornish hens: they’re the personal pizzas of the bird world.”
  • “I’m straight-edge ska now. Happy Skanksgiving.”
  • “Michael listens to NPR. Show him your tote.”
  • “I may seem calm, but it’s a calm anger which is a much scarier type of anger.”
  • “Thanks for introducing me to ska. I hate it.”

Kidrobot Teams Up With ‘South Park’ on the “Many Faces of Cartman”

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Converse & Bandulu Come Together for Limited Edition Chuck Taylors

Converse and Boston-based brand Bandulu have joined forces to craft a unique, limited edition sneaker collection inspired by wearable art. The first Converse collaboration to be sold exclusively at the Converse Lovejoy retail store, Bandulu has reinterpreted the classic black and parchment Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 high-top sneakers with hand sewn embellishments in several color spotted bursts. The embroidery is placed in unique spots all over the upper and midsole, creating a premium visual effect that resembles splattered paint.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 x Bandulu sneakers will be available exclusively at the Converse Lovejoy store in Boston, starting Friday, November 20 for a suggested retail price of $160 USD.

Converse Lovejoy Wharf
160 N Washington St.
Boston, MA 02114


Mackintosh – a brand of modern heritage, built on true craftsmanship and a two hundred year history. In 1823, Charles Macintosh developed the now iconic rubberised fabric, and thereafter the original Mackintosh coat was made. 

Today, Mackintosh is a firmly established luxury brand that combines modern technology with traditional techniques to create the modern-day ‘Mac’. Based in Scotland, Mackintosh are very serious in ensuring that they make their pieces to the strictest of standards.

Mackintosh aims to build on the quality traditions of their forefathers whilst improving them with modern production methods. Every genuine Mackintosh garment is carefully hand made by skilled operatives who have spent years perfecting the techniques required to make a true Mackintosh.  The old skills are perfected over generations, complemented by modern techniques and ideas, giving a classic and contemporary feel to Mackintosh’s seasonal ranges. Continually striving to build on its existing success and ensuring to maintain the aim of producing the world’s finest outerwear.

Shop Mackintosh >

Yohji Yamamoto and New Era Link Up Once Again for FW15

New Era has linked up with Y-3 designer and all-round legend Yohji Yamamoto for a set of accessories. Much like 2014‘s collab (and 2013‘s for that matter), the collection features a New Era 59FIFTY fitted cap and multi-pocketed backpack, both of which are adorned with Yamamoto’s signature and executed in his favorite color palette (i.e. a non-existent one).

The mini-drop is set to hit Japanese New Era accounts today.

UNDERCOVER Teases New NikeLab Court Force Hi Sneakers

If Instagram is to be believed, legendary Tokyo brand UNDERCOVER is set to collaborate with Nike on a new set of sneakers. The Court Force Hi has been rendered in two new colorways – the first of which uses the earthy hues that dominate UNDERCOVER’s Gyakusou running project, while the second sticks to a striking black-and-white combination.

Much like fragment design and GOODENOUGH’s take on the Court Force – which dropped last month – the sneakers will no doubt be available in limited quantities, so keep an eye out on your nearest NikeLab account for further info.

For more from Tokyo’s punk-inspired streetwear label, take a look at its LABYRINTH OF UNDERCOVER 25-year retrospective.

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