What Is Postmates?

2 years ago a crop of car service apps like Lyft , Uber and Sidecar revolutionized the transportation world.  Then came food apps like Grub Hub, Seamless and Eat24 that put local food joints in the palm of your hand.  What if you merged both ideas?   Hmm .. Enter Postmates!

Postmates is on demand delivery app that delivers everything from fast food to office supplies, liquor in some cities and items from Craigslist. Like many things in our brave new digital world it’s crowd sourced. This means an army of independent contractors( aka delivery drivers, bikers and walkers) log into the app and fulfill your requests based on location.

Set your address.  Choose what you want and its all charged to a credit card and it’s dropped off.  No cash is ever exchanged.  What does it actually cost? I recently used Postmates to order McDonald’s while I was nursing a hangover.  The delivery fee was $5.75 on top of my food costs bringing the total to $13.00 . I tipped $2.50  and my McDonalds was 15.50.

Expensive convenience you might say.  Hungover or sick you really don’t give a shit do you ? Besides first time folks always save $10 with  a Postmates coupon code 9qfb8 .

Earlier this week Chick Fil A was offering free food Continue reading What Is Postmates?

What The Hell Is A Selfie Stick ?

I now NEED a selfie stick, just like my 17 year old cousin and my 24 year old girlfriends. I know, at a certain point you need to sit your ass down.  I am not there yet. I still love FOOD and my gadgets.

WTF is a selfie stick?  This lovely piece of equipment does just as it’s name describes.  It helps those genetically challenged folks with a normal arm length snap that oh so beloved selfie.

They are pouring out of China and popping up all over the web faster than you can say Grub Hub!  Which kind do I want ? Well if you REALLY want to know. There’s three kinds to choose from.  Continue reading What The Hell Is A Selfie Stick ?

Uber 500 Bonus After One Trip Is Back

Uber is trying to crush all competition. The Uber 500 bonus is back  along with guaranteed hourly rates for the winter. Drivers who make the switch can earn up to $500 after just one ride for the time being.  Not a bad deal.

EVERYTHING is usually slow the month after Christmas. To combat the slow season, Uber is offering drivers guaranteed hourly rates over the winter.  Yep, you heard it correctly guaranteed hourly rates to drive when it can be dreadfully slow. Something I don’t believe any of the competition like Lyft or Sidecar is doing…yet.

Drivers can earn between $16 and $26 dollars an hour for driving during slow times.  According to the company ” drivers must be logged in 50 minutes per hour and maintain a 90 percent trip acceptance rate.  ” Nothing guarantees people like a steady paycheck.

The SF based company appears to be trying to lure what few drivers they may not have already snagged from Lyft with that lovely Uber 500 bonus.   If you haven’t signed up yet. You can click the button below and get signed up or click one of the links below.

uber apply now

Driver Applications  

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New .Christmas Domain Sees First Toy Pop up Shop Toysales.Christmas

sports carLast July, the .Christmas domain was officially released to the world. There hasn’t been a ton of action on this domain yet but recently I stumbled across one site trying capitalize on the lack of competition.

Toysales.Christmas launched this season as a pop up e-commerce shop for folks looking for toys on sale.  This means the toy shop is only open in November, December and January and will be shut the rest of the year.

Toysales.Christmas claims to be the first ever .Christmas retailer within the new domain extension. Not only does it carry toys on sale it goes a step further.

Toysales.Christmas curates a special list of toys made by independent toy makers across the United States.

“When I think of Christmas there is this  beautiful image I have of wooden toys, wagons,  doll houses and a big Christmas tree.  Plus, I really wanted to support American small businesses and independent toy makers. “said the company founder Wyatt Anderson  ”

classic blocks1

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Uber and Lyft Ridesharing Apps Crash On Halloween Uber Offering $500 Bonus For New Drivers

Uber and Lyft servers crashed because of demand in many markets around the country last night. Halloween one of the rideshare companies’ biggest nights saw a huge spike in demand from users and drivers.

Several Uber riders complained of being stuck out of the system due to server errors and being locked out of the app. In most cases, this only seemed to last a few minutes.  Lyft too experienced server errors with customers and drivers which appeared to last a little bit longer than their San Francisco based competition Uber.

Uber drivers were all smiles last night because of price surging.  The ever popular “price surging” increases fares when demand is high and there are fewer drivers on the road. Rates  shot up to as high as 5 or 6 times the usual fare across Los Angeles throughout the evening. But this didn’t seem to slow down requests for rides.

A rainstorm that sent revelers of the West Hollywood Halloween parade running for cover, may be partially blame to for the earlier ride surge. More than 500,000 people attended the event this  year.

Uber is still trying to get more drivers on the road. Uber is offering a $500 signon bonus for Lyft drivers who sign up to drive for them.


  • New Lyft Drivers will get up to $50 after signing up and making 20 trips using this linkSign up for Lyft today!


*promotions vary by market and are subject to change at any time.

Here are some other Uber/Lyft related posts:

Uber Wooing New Drivers With $1000 Signon Bonuses and guaranteed $40 an hour.  

More about the companies:

UBER -- has a more conservative demographic of users.  This is very likely because when they launched  Uber originally they were just a black car aka town car service. Then they launched UberX which is the program where everyday folks drive their cars and began to compete with competitor Lyft.  Uber operates in 160 cities globally and has raised about 4 billion dollars in investment cash.  www.uber.com

LYFT - definitely has a more relaxed demographic of users. This is very likely because it’s logo is a pink mustache.  It’s an easy way to identify their army of cars around town. They’ve raised 1 billion dollars in investment cash and operate in about 70 cities across the US. 

Hotel Tonight Snatching Business From Priceline

hotel discount codesTraveling can either be exciting or a real buzz kill.  Exciting when you get there and everything works out.  A buzz kill if you pay more than you want to at a hotel you’re just not feeling.  Hotel Tonight is a same day booking app for hotels that is changing that– the expensive part at least.

Hotel Tonight let’s you search and book hotels right from your phone. You can see reviews and look at other hotels in the city too.   I like this app for several reasons. They have hotels for all kinds of budgets, no hassle booking and what you see is what you get.

This app came to the rescue twice this year with pretty good results.  First,  in Austin, TX  when I made my booking for the wrong week.  Using Hotel Tonight I got a nice selection of chain and boutique hotels in a wide range of prices . There were pluses and minuses . The biggest one for me being a lack of hotels with close proximity to downtown where all the action is.

Ultimately, I ended up Continue reading Hotel Tonight Snatching Business From Priceline

Lacoste Men’s Boots Hot Ticket Item This Fall

lacoste sherbrook desert boot

Lacoste men’s boots are on fire this fall in America.  One of my favorite designs so far is the Sherbrooke . Aren’t a big Lacoste person?  Not a total surprise.  In America it’s been a well kept secret of the north east elite and trendy banker types.

Lacoste has always been hot in Europe. The company has been around since around the 1930’s and has been trendy for nearly as long.  Now, Continue reading Lacoste Men’s Boots Hot Ticket Item This Fall

If DIRECTV Loses NFL Sunday Ticket Will You Stay?

I recently made the switch to DIRECTV after years of being frustrated with the worlds shittiest cable provider in my opinion — Time Warner Cable.  A few weeks before  I was invited to a market research group on cable and satellite TV providers.

This focus group sounded like your typical market research study.  They asked us to use  words and pictures to describe the feelings you get when your cable or satellite provider does certain things. Therapy about my damn cable provider. Imagine that…well not quite.

Halfway through the group they said it was about DIRECTV. I was impressed with features like a  voice controlled remote, unlimited cloud DVR storage, and  setting my DVR to record from anywhere.

Curiously enough, with this  group Continue reading If DIRECTV Loses NFL Sunday Ticket Will You Stay?

Better Call Saul Premiere Date On AMC

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman - Better Call Saul _ Season 1

For those of you whining about the end of Breaking Bad I bring good news.  The long awaited and very talked about spin off Better Call Saul has a premier date– sort of and a short trailer.

TV junkies who tuned into the Breaking Bad marathon on AMC over the weekend got a sneak peak at of the prequel? sequel ? Producers aren’t quite sure if it’s going to be either one or a mix between the past and the present yet.

Better Call Saul will feature Bob Odenkirk  as Saul,  Walter White’s lawyer from the Breaking Bad series.  There’s no official word from AMC on whether or not Continue reading Better Call Saul Premiere Date On AMC

Men’s Fashion: Time For A Wardrobe Refresh?

Lots of guys struggle with keeping up their wardrobe.  You normally don’t notice until it’s time to start a new job or you’re headed to a wedding. If you live in a warm climate you may live in tank tops and shorts. If you live in a cooler climate henleys and jeans.

What’s an easy way to stay on top of things without breaking your budget? Or feeling like you care way too much about men’s fashion?  Depending on your budget there are a few options that could help. Check these out.

Trunk Club is an online clothing service. Each month they pick out clothes for you based on your style quiz.  Keep the stuff you like and mail back the rest. This model is great for lazy people like me.  However, it’s a little expensive in my opinion.  According to their website Trunk Club is a premium-clothing service with prices similar to top-tier shops. For example, denim prices are $170–$250, casual shirts $100–$200, and sweaters $100–$300″  

Yeah I don’t want a $300 sweater.  I can bet that the vast majority of people end up buying stuff because they get too busy to send the pricey goods back.  People who shop here might also like Bonobos or Club Monaco.  I am also a fan of …. Continue reading Men’s Fashion: Time For A Wardrobe Refresh?

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