Cigars and Socks

What if you could get your morning coffee in an edible coffee cup ? No, I am not teasing. This goodness actually exists. Alfred's Coffee and Kitchen has made the most eco-friendly coffee cup on the west coast. The Los Angeles based coffee house serves up drinks in an edible waffle cup.  The cup has a thick coating of chocolate to keep your coffee hot and especially tasty. Coffee lovers will be delighted to know that Alfred's Coffee and Kitchen exclusively brews with Stumptown Coffee.  Don't know Stumptown?  Great founding of the company and  they take their coffee pretty damn seriously. I have heard it is quite magical to the palette.  So how much are you going to spend for your brew and edible cup?

Updated!! Uber is trying to crush all competition. The Uber 500 bonus is back  along with guaranteed hourly rates for the winter. Drivers who make the switch can earn up to $500 after 50 rides for the time being.  Not a bad deal. EVERYTHING is usually slow the month after Christmas. To combat the slow season, Uber is offering drivers guaranteed hourly rates over the winter.  Yep, you heard it correctly guaranteed hourly rates to drive when it can be dreadfully slow. Something I don't believe any of the competition like Lyft or Sidecar is doing...yet. Drivers can earn between $16 and $26 dollars an hour for driving during slow times.  According to the company " drivers must be logged in 50 minutes per hour and maintain a 90 percent trip acceptance rate.  " Nothing guarantees people like a steady paycheck. The SF based company appears to be trying to lure what few drivers they may not have already snagged from Lyft with that lovely Uber 500 bonus.   If you haven't signed up yet. You can click the button below and get signed up or click one of the links below. uber apply now Driver Applications  

I now NEED a selfie stick, just like my 17 year old cousin and my 24 year old girlfriends. I know, at a certain point you need to sit your ass down.  I am not there yet. I still love FOOD and my gadgets. WTF is a selfie stick?  This lovely piece of equipment does just as it's name describes.  It helps those genetically challenged folks with a normal arm length snap that oh so beloved selfie. They are pouring out of China and popping up all over the web faster than you can say Grub Hub!  Which kind do I want ? Well if you REALLY want to know. There's three kinds to choose from. 

Bored and need some new shows to get you through the summer  until Boardwalk Empire , Walking Dead and Scandal return in the fall ?  Hulu Plus has a great mix of shows you may have missed earlier this year or might not even know about. Here's 9 shows on Hulu Plus that will improve your summer TV viewing experience.  There's a nice mix of American, British and Australian television programming on this list.
  • Sleepy Hollow  - short by network TV standards at 13 episodes this Fox show manages to keep you on the edge your seat with out being cheesy. It was renewed for a second season and will be be back this fall. "In this modern-day twist on Washington Irving's classic, ICHABOD CRANE is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to find that the world is on the brink of destruction, forcing him to team up with a contemporary police officer to unravel a mystery that dates back to the founding fathers."
  • Luther - Idris Elba from The Wire and Prometheus kills it in this 10 episode gritty British detective drama.  "On a moral crusade, with only his convictions for company, John Luther (Idris Elba) is a deeply troubled man, a philosophical cop possessed by the insoluble problem of evil and justice in a Godless world, who gets pulled to the very edge of temptation."
  • Being Human US  -  What's not fun about 3 cool good looking people sharing a house in Boston?   That is until you find out about their past. "A ghost, vampire and werewolf work to keep their secrets to themselves while helping each other with their double lives.   * If you love UK shows there is also a British version that had a shorter run. It's 36 episodes of a pretty wild and interesting roller coaster of shit!
  • The Syndicate -  follows a group of coworkers in England after they've won the lottery.  Season 1's cast is a group in a grocery store.  Season 2's cast is a group in a hospital.  Two short seasons of this show with 11 episodes.  "Wild, touching and funny are just a few of the adjectives you'll use when you watch the story of these lottery winners unfold before your eyes. "    The Syndicate will be back in 2015 for a 3rd season and an all new cast.
  • Satisfaction - Originally aired on Showtime Australia this show follow the lives of high class escorts in Brisbane, Australia.  Beautiful women, gorgeous  city scapes and some pretty interesting characters make this one a must see. " About friendships, family, lust and love, Satisfaction is provocative and compelling, revealing, confronting and intoxicating. "

Why I left Boostgram

Instagram growth tools are everywhere. With over 300 million eyeballs as potential customers, everyone wants more followers. I used a follower growth tool for my personal and business accounts called Boostgram. A a marketing colleague suggested Boostgram as a must use growth tool for client growth about 18 months ago.   The introductory rate back then was $99 or $50 depending on when you signed up. Before Instagram changed their algorithm you could achieve about 2000 to 4000 new followers on most accounts.  The user interface was pretty simple and I had complete autonomy over what took place on my account. As my relationship with Boostgram continued, eventually I had to interact with their staff.  Then my experience soured. First, they are highly secretive about where they actually operate, who owns the company, or even  engaging with people outside the customer service bots. This kind of behavior in the legitimate tech world is almost unheard of.  

Amsterdam Travel Advice

Amsterdam,  is not just a place where you can enjoy time in  potshop cafe's or at the Heineken museum .  Amsterdam is a world-class city with something for every kind of traveller.   Whether you're looking to party hard or  take in Dutch culture and history there is plenty to do.


Most people don't fly directly into Amsterdam. If you're flying into London or Paris, Berlin or Brussels... (you get it )  it is pretty easy to take a train (4hrs from London) or to take the bus from cities like Brussels  (3 hrs) to Amsterdam. I recently took the bus from Brussels and spent a whopping  $9.00 per ticket for the 3 hour journey.  Comparatively, 7 days in advance the train is $20.00. If I had to do all over again we  definitely would have taken the train.

Someone in LA has been flying a drone over the LAPD station in Hollywood and filming.  All the snooping has the boys and girls in black a little pissed.   According to some legalese on TMZ there's not much they can do about it either. "As long as the drones are flying lower than 400 feet they are out of FAA flying space and perfectly legal."  All this talk about drones in the mainstream is sparking  big consumer interest.   Still confused about what a drone is ? I'll explain. Drones are mini aircraft that you can fly via remote control. To the average person they may look like high tech flying toys.  Don't let their toy like appearance fool you. 

The latest chapter in our Meet the Muse series takes to the trendy London neighborhood of Dalston, where renowned fashion photographer Nadia Sarwar captured model Anna Brimacombe. The moody editorial accentuates Anna’s striking beauty as she dons an array of stylish sportswear getups amidst a stark and minimal concrete setting.We asked Anna 10 questions...