New .Christmas Domain Sees First Toy Pop up Shop Toysales.Christmas

sports carLast July, the .Christmas domain was officially released to the world. There hasn’t been a ton of action on this domain yet but recently I stumbled across one site trying capitalize on the lack of competition.

Toysales.Christmas launched this season as a pop up e-commerce shop for folks looking for toys on sale.  This means the toy shop is only open in November, December and January and will be shut the rest of the year.

Toysales.Christmas claims to be the first ever .Christmas retailer within the new domain extension. Not only does it carry toys on sale it goes a step further.

Toysales.Christmas curates a special list of toys made by independent toy makers across the United States.

“When I think of Christmas there is this  beautiful image I have of wooden toys, wagons,  doll houses and a big Christmas tree.  Plus, I really wanted to support American small businesses and independent toy makers. “said the company founder Wyatt Anderson  ”

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9 Shows You Can Watch On Hulu or Netflix To Get Through The Holidays

It’s the holidays and that means plenty of time at home with the family or just bored alone away from work. Our TV  viewing habits often mimic our bar and restaurant habits. We have the same 4 or 5  regular bars.

Here are 9 TV shows that will get you through the winter.

  • Vikings - If you don’t have the history channel but you have access to Hulu. You can catch up on Vikings before the third season starts in 2015. The show is based on the life of 8th century Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok who dares to dream of building a life beyond raiding the east.

    Imagine Game of Thrones but with fewer storylines and a lot more action. There are 19 episodes that are 44 min each so you have plenty of material to keep you planted on that couch.

  • The Blacklist - It’s been a long time since network television felt this good. NBC struck gold with this one. James Spader stars as former government agent and fugitive Raymond “Red” Reddington who surrenders to the FBI, and makes them an offer they can’t refuse.

    He agrees to help put away criminals from a list that he compiled, which includes politicians, mobsters, spies and international terrorists. But on the mysterious condition that he work only with recent Quantico graduate Liz Keen.  This show is on Netflix and Hulu

  • Borgia - no I am not referring to the Showtime series The Borgias. I am referring to the English version Borgia produced by French Canal TV.   The show returns for a 3rd and final season to the drama of pope Rodrigo Borgia and his 14th century family’s rise to power and subsequent domination of the Papal States during the Renaissance.

    Expect interesting historical irony and and the true end of an era. Tom Fontana from the Wire stars as the 14th century pope. The show is on Netflix and there are 3 seasons

  • Continuum - If old school period dramas aren’t your thing what about bouncing around between present day and say 65 years. A cop from the year 2077 gets tossed back to 2012 when a group of fanatical terrorists thwart their execution and jump back to 2012 bringing Kiera Cameron with them.

    Kiera, wants to stop the terrorists but more importantly she wants to get back home. This show is cool because it makes you question those age old TV assertions about whether or not changing something in the past actually matters in the future. Continue reading

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Uber and Lyft Ridesharing Apps Crash On Halloween Uber Offering $500 Bonus For New Drivers

Uber and Lyft servers crashed because of demand in many markets around the country last night. Halloween one of the rideshare companies’ biggest nights saw a huge spike in demand from users and drivers.

Several Uber riders complained of being stuck out of the system due to server errors and being locked out of the app. In most cases, this only seemed to last a few minutes.  Lyft too experienced server errors with customers and drivers which appeared to last a little bit longer than their San Francisco based competition Uber.

Uber drivers were all smiles last night because of price surging.  The ever popular “price surging” increases fares when demand is high and there are fewer drivers on the road. Rates  shot up to as high as 5 or 6 times the usual fare across Los Angeles throughout the evening. But this didn’t seem to slow down requests for rides.

A rainstorm that sent revelers of the West Hollywood Halloween parade running for cover, may be partially blame to for the earlier ride surge. More than 500,000 people attended the event this  year.

Uber is still trying to get more drivers on the road. Uber is offering a $500 signon bonus for Lyft drivers who sign up to drive for them.


  • New Lyft Drivers will get up to $50 after signing up and making 20 trips using this linkSign up for Lyft today!


*promotions vary by market and are subject to change at any time.

Here are some other Uber/Lyft related posts:

Uber Wooing New Drivers With $1000 Signon Bonuses and guaranteed $40 an hour.  

More about the companies:

UBER -- has a more conservative demographic of users.  This is very likely because when they launched  Uber originally they were just a black car aka town car service. Then they launched UberX which is the program where everyday folks drive their cars and began to compete with competitor Lyft.  Uber operates in 160 cities globally and has raised about 4 billion dollars in investment cash.

LYFT - definitely has a more relaxed demographic of users. This is very likely because it’s logo is a pink mustache.  It’s an easy way to identify their army of cars around town. They’ve raised 1 billion dollars in investment cash and operate in about 70 cities across the US. 

Edible Coffee Cup …Winning

edible coffee cupWhat if you could get your morning coffee in an edible coffee cup ? No, I am not teasing. This goodness actually exists. Alfred’s Coffee and Kitchen has made the most eco-friendly coffee cup on the west coast.

The Los Angeles based coffee house serves up drinks in an edible waffle cup.  The cup has a thick coating of chocolate to keep your coffee hot and especially tasty.

Coffee lovers will be delighted to know that Alfred’s Coffee and Kitchen exclusively brews with Stumptown Coffee.  Don’t know Stumptown?  Great founding of the company and  they take their coffee pretty damn seriously.

I have heard it is quite magical to the palette.  So how much are you going to spend for your brew and edible cup? Continue reading

Hotel Tonight Snatching Business From Priceline

hotel discount codesTraveling can either be exciting or a real buzz kill.  Exciting when you get there and everything works out.  A buzz kill if you pay more than you want to at a hotel you’re just not feeling.  Hotel Tonight is a same day booking app for hotels that is changing that– the expensive part at least.

Hotel Tonight let’s you search and book hotels right from your phone. You can see reviews and look at other hotels in the city too.   I like this app for several reasons. They have hotels for all kinds of budgets, no hassle booking and what you see is what you get.

This app came to the rescue twice this year with pretty good results.  First,  in Austin, TX  when I made my booking for the wrong week.  Using Hotel Tonight I got a nice selection of chain and boutique hotels in a wide range of prices . There were pluses and minuses . The biggest one for me being a lack of hotels with close proximity to downtown where all the action is.

Ultimately, I ended up Continue reading

Lacoste Men’s Boots Hot Ticket Item This Fall

lacoste sherbrook desert boot

Lacoste men’s boots are on fire this fall in America.  One of my favorite designs so far is the Sherbrooke . Aren’t a big Lacoste person?  Not a total surprise.  In America it’s been a well kept secret of the north east elite and trendy banker types.

Lacoste has always been hot in Europe. The company has been around since around the 1930’s and has been trendy for nearly as long.  Now, Continue reading

direcTV promotion

If DIRECTV Loses NFL Sunday Ticket Will You Stay?

I recently made the switch to DIRECTV after years of being frustrated with the worlds shittiest cable provider in my opinion — Time Warner Cable.  A few weeks before  I was invited to a market research group on cable and satellite TV providers.

This focus group sounded like your typical market research study.  They asked us to use  words and pictures to describe the feelings you get when your cable or satellite provider does certain things. Therapy about my damn cable provider. Imagine that…well not quite.

Halfway through the group they said it was about DIRECTV. I was impressed with features like a  voice controlled remote, unlimited cloud DVR storage, and  setting my DVR to record from anywhere.

Curiously enough, with this  group Continue reading

Better Call Saul Premiere Date On AMC

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman - Better Call Saul _ Season 1

For those of you whining about the end of Breaking Bad I bring good news.  The long awaited and very talked about spin off Better Call Saul has a premier date– sort of and a short trailer.

TV junkies who tuned into the Breaking Bad marathon on AMC over the weekend got a sneak peak at of the prequel? sequel ? Producers aren’t quite sure if it’s going to be either one or a mix between the past and the present yet.

Better Call Saul will feature Bob Odenkirk  as Saul,  Walter White’s lawyer from the Breaking Bad series.  There’s no official word from AMC on whether or not Continue reading

where can i buy a drone

Are Consumer Drones The New Go Pro?

Someone in LA has been flying a drone over the LAPD station in Hollywood and filming.  All the snooping has the boys and girls in black a little pissed.   According to some legalese on TMZ there’s not much they can do about it either.

“As long as the drones are flying lower than 400 feet they are out of FAA flying space and perfectly legal.”  All this talk about drones in the mainstream is sparking  big consumer interest.   Still confused about what a drone is ? I’ll explain.

Drones are mini aircraft that you can fly via remote control. To the average person they may look like high tech flying toys.  Don’t let their toy like appearance fool you.  Continue reading

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Blooper Real & Season 5 Cast Announcements at San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 2014 is well underway. HBO kicked off their Game of Thrones panel with a funny blooper reel from season 4. The Game of Thrones cast won an MTV movie award the day before for best  OMG moment.  They still do the MTV awards?  Well…

Since waiting sucks HBO did give curious fans at San Diego Comic Con a little taste of next season by introducing a few new faces that will join the Sunday night cast. From the looks of it we’ll learn a lot more about Prince Oberyn Martell’s hometown of Dorne and we’ll get to meet a few of his children and his brother the king.

Why can’t they just make this show year round?  Love it!  The cast of Game of Thrones has been quite popular  at  San Diego Comic Con this year.  Posing for lots of fan pics (atleast according to Instagram) and hamming it up interviews. Check out the clip after the jump. Continue reading

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